Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Karsten Weber, Co-head of the Institute for Social Research and Technology AssessmentBut when they came to letters, This, said Theuth, will make the Egyptians wiser and give them better memories; it is a specific both for the memory and for the wit. Thamus replied: O most ingenious Theuth, the parent or inventor of an art is not always the best judge of the utility or inutility of his own inventions to the users of them.Platon, Phaedrus 474.

This can be seen as a principle of technology assessment: Developing and using technology is one thing, assessing it in terms of its consequences is another. At the Institute for Social Research and Technology Assessment (IST) and the Laboratory for Technology Assessment and Applied Ethics (LaTE) we have made it our mission to make a contribution to technology assessment and participatory technology design in the context of research projects, publications, lectures und public events, and of course also in teaching.

Prof. Dr. Karsten Weber

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