Photonics Projects

The Mechatronics Research Unit has a long history of optical projects, many dating back to a time before the MRU officially existed. The most recent project concerns the use of modern semiconductor avalanche photo devices for the detection of partial discharge in high voltage applications which is to be published at the IEEE Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena, in Vancouver in December 2021. Other projects include the use of (then) modern high intensity LEDs for the illumination of fluorescent materials for the company Chromeon. The image below left shows the stimulation of different fluorescent colours demonstrated at the Bioanalytica exhibition. With the help of robots, high intensity white light illumination through different samples of photocopy paper can be performed without the danger of human eye strain. Furthermore, constant velocity movements and precise displacements are easily achieved and programmable for acuracy and repeatability. .

Older projects concern various measurement systems: Monkman. G.J. - A simple time domain web measurement and inspection system - Journal of Physics: Measurement Science and Technology - Vol 7, pp661-665 - Institute of Physics 1996. {}