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Lab Internship for Overseas Students in Shenzhen Technology University

Dr. SHEN Wenjing                   
Internship in Lab of Beer Brewing Process Control
Supervisor: Dr. SHEN Wenjing

(Reference Number: Intern/a/201809/01)

Your Tasks
1. To change all the manual valves to electromagnetic ones and reassign Input/ Output of PLC.
2. To design the touch screen interface to monitor the brewery system.
3. To program in PLC for automatic control of the system according to brewing process (mashing, lautering, boiling, whirlpooling.) .The applicant will learn the brewing in the lab.
4. To monitor process parameters such as temperature, pressure, steam flow, liquid level and composition during brewing.
5. To write technical docs (including schematic chart) and safety instructions for the modified equipment.
6. To prepare teaching/examine documents for the education of students.

Prof. Julian Chi Chiu Chan          
Internship in Joint Laboratory of Optical Design and Inspection
Supervisor: Prof. Julian Chi Chiu Chan

(Reference Number: Intern/a/201809/03)

Your Tasks
1. Understand the property of fiber Bragg grating.
2. Build up a complete sensing array for quasi-distributed sensing.
3. Use Labview or other language for data acquisition and design the
 graphical user interface (GUI) for presenting the real time temperature condition.

Dr. SHEN Wenjing                 

Internship in Laboratory of Thermal Modeling and Optimization
Supervisor: Dr. SHEN Wenjing

(Reference Number: Intern/a/201809/02)

Your Tasks
1. To write a code for some intelligent algorithms such as Genetic Algorithm.
2. To complete the simulation experiment and physical experiment independently.
3. To analyze experimental data and write the report.
4. To read some scientific articles and contribute to the optimization of our Li-ion battery model.

Dr. ZHAO Jian                              

Internship in Lab of Industry Safety & Security
Supervisor: Dr. ZHAO Jian

(Reference Number: Intern/b/201809/01)

Your Tasks
1. To research Ethereum, EOS, or other popular public blockchains, study their architectures,
2. To research how to improve the performance of public blockchains,
3. To develop decentralized apps using smart contracts, especially digital identity related DApps.
4. To develop blockchains for IoT scenarios.

Dr. ZHAO Jian                          

Internship in Lab of IoT innovation
Supervisor: Dr. ZHAO Jian

(Reference Number: Intern/b/201809/02)

Your Tasks
1. To train networks based on tensorflow.
2. To design the new algorithm based on openpose.
3. To fast the algorithm using some channel pruning
4. To compress the network model size.
5. To prepare teaching/examine documents and cooperate with graduate students.

Dr.HU Yunfei             

Internship in Laboratory of Solar Energy System
Supervisor: Dr.HU Yunfei

(Reference Number: Intern/c/201809/01)

Your Tasks
1. You have to get to know the basic knowledge about solar photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal. For example, the fundamental physical theory (semi-conductor physics) of solar cells and solar collectors, familiar with each component and its function in the solar PV system and solar thermal systems. A series of courses (about 14 class hours) will be given on these subjects.
2. Work with the professional software program-Polysun. You need to master this program to be able to simulate the selected solar thermal/solar photovoltaic systems or design one new profitable solar system. A well-designed training course (about 8 class hours) will be arranged for the intern to be able to operate the program in a short time.
3. You will collect the data from one or two projects that solar energy systems are applied, either solar PV system or solar thermal or even both, to compare the simulation results with that of the real cases. You need to consider the applicability for different type of data, the accuracy and reliability of data that we may get from the different real cases, and make your final reporting on the findings.
4. Based on your results of Task 3, analyze the causes for the differences between the results of simulation and that of the real cases. Try to optimize the existing solar systems and to evaluate the economic profit.

Dr. HE Bin                    

Internship in Lab of Super-Diamond Applied Technology
Supervisor: Dr. HE Bin

(Reference Number: Intern/c/201809/02)

Your Tasks
1. To understand the two allotropes of carbon: diamond and graphite which have the same element that differ in structure. Furthermore, you should know the extreme properties of diamond and its important applications.
2. To study the formation of natural diamond and the history of man-made diamond. To understand the technologies of man-made diamond including high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT) method and CVD process.
3. The intern will be required to be familiar with the CVD processes for growing diamond thin films. It is important to learn to control the structure of diamond thin films by tuning and optimizing the CVD process such as the plasma power supplied, gas composition, substrate bias, and substrate temperature.
4. The characterizations and evaluation of diamond thin films. Raman spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM) will be performed.
5. A report of the experimental procedure and the analysis of prepared diamond thin films is required at the end of internship.
6. To prepare teaching/examine documents for the education of students.

Dr. ZHANG Wang   

Internship in Optoelectronics Laboratory
Supervisor: Dr. ZHANG Wang

(Reference Number: Intern/c/201809/03)

Your Tasks
1. To design and package LEDs with different spectral content [e.g., monochromatic direct LED, monochromatic phosphor converted, various white correlated color temperatures (CCTs) and color rendering index (CRI)].
2. To design and package Quantum-dot LED and UVLED.
3. To monitor optical parameters such as CCT, CRI, luminous efficacy, color gamut.
4. To write technical docs (including schematic chart) and datasheet of the LED.
5. To prepare teaching/examine documents for the education of students.

Dr. HA Enna    

Internship in Innovative Cancer Research and Development Platform
Supervisor: Dr. HA Enna

(Reference Number: Intern/d/201809/01)

Your Tasks
1. Perform research tasks as requested by related project.
2. Undertake training to utilize any specific equipment required for the project.
3. Maintain and uphold the smooth running of the platform.
4. Perform any other duties assigned by the project leader.

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