Mechatronics Courses

The Mechatronics Research Unit™ is involved with many courses of study, particularly those at higher levels such as the Master of Science by Research.

Bachelor Degree

This is a truly interdisciplinary course of study involving the departments of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology and Microsystems Technology. This is the ONLY realistic way Mechatronics can be taught at undergraduate level. Interdisciplinary also means interdepartmental.

Details on the Mechatronics Studiengang and the Dual Studiengang Mechatronics can be found on the University of Applied Sciences Webspages (Hochschule Webseiten). Further details about the research activities of the Mechatronics Research Unit are available on the domains and

Master Degree

For those not wishing to transfer directly into industry after graduation, the logical conclusion is a Master Degree. For those graduating with the Mechatronic Bachelor, the Master of Science in Applied Research is perhaps the most appropriate. A final degree mark of 2,5 (for employment in the MRU 2,0) or better is needed.

Doctoral Degree

Successful completion of a master degree opens the door to doctoral studies. In conjunction with our many national and international university partners it is possible to obtain a doctorate, usually over a period of about 3 years.