Measurement technology

The MRU is extremely well equipped with the newest measurement technology.

The precise measurement of electrical and magnetic fields is extremely important in the area of smart materials research.

Measurements are essential in all control systems - what is not observable is not controllable! The use of DSP techniques is now widespread but often requires a great degree of expertise if meaningful results are to be achieved. Analog measurement methods are often forgotten. However, a number of astute solutions to difficult problems can be gained with judicious use of both.

A current project together with the Civil Engineering and Microsystems faculties of the OTH concerns the measurement of water content in concrete. It is important to maintain the moisture contant low in motorway and railway tunnels as the thermal expansion of excess water can result is the concrete breaking away from the roof of the tunnel in the case of fire. The MRU has concentrated on the design and implementation of a sensory based measurement system at differing depths in the concrete lining of such tunnels. The sensory data is acquired by a Raspery-PI based system which is then forwarded per radio signal. The data is then evaluated offline.