Alexander Nieddu

Alexander Nieddu

Graduate student in mathematics at OTH Regensburg, Department of Computer Science and Mathematics.

Regensburg, Germany


OTH Regensburg - Technical University of Applied Sciences

M.Sc. in mathematics

(in progress)

B.Sc. in mathematics
Major in numerical analysis.


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Kinu App

Founder & Developer
A web app for individual movie recommendations based on a collaborative filtering system.

October - November 2015

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Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics

Astrophysics Intern
N-Body-Simulations in Star Forming Regions

February - June 2014

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3Dreams Media Agency

App Developer and Assistant in Marketing


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Java · C/C++ · R · Python · C# · PHP · SQL · Android Development · iOS Development

Operating Systems

Windows · Mac OS · Linux

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